- You can control what types of appointments customers can book through the App. 

- Control the amount of available appointments that are displayed because we all have quiet days but dont need the world knowing about it.

- Control the times that customers are allowed to book online appointments. If you don't allow online bookings between 12-3 on Wednesdays this will be reflected in the App

News & Special Offers

- News allows you to let patients know what's happening in your practice and your specialist field.

- Encourage or reward patients with special offers.

News & Deals


- We are very excited to be working with leading practice management software providers to deliver seamless integration.


- Available appointments are shown in the App without you having to touch anything.


- When an appointment is booked the booking automatically appears in your practice management calendar

- Send patients branded push notifications whenever you would like to remind them about your business. 

- Automatically send appointment reminders so patients don't miss appointments.

Push Notifications 100% Free

Watch how easy it is for clients to book an Appointment