What we know

The growth of mobile usage is staggering, 88% of Australians own a smartphone, with some Australians checking their mobiles up to 150 times a day! Every Allied Health professional relies on clients regularly booking appointments. Many patients place a greater importance on a mobile App that helps them book or receive deals than a website that has no functionality. Customers appreciate the ability to make their lives easier and book when they want rather than when you are open. We ran a study with 120 patients of a clinic. We asked them if they could call up or book through a mobile App what would they prefer? A staggering 94% said they would book via the App rather than calling up. We then took it a step further. Does calling up stop you from going to see the practitioner more often? 47% said they are put off by having to call up unless the pain is acute.


Simon Ruse

Altitude Physio

"Having clinics in Australia and Japan it was important to find a product that integrated with my practice management software. Now I can spend more time out on the slopes"

Josh Mayer


"Nextin has taken pressure off our staff and patients are really enjoying the convenience of booking through the app"

Cat Crogan

Phyxit Physio

"we're finding patients are booking more often because it's easier and quicker than calling up or going through our website"